• Nov 23

    New work: A cock and a horse

    Posted by: Otto Lange

    I had to use a ladder for these. Both are 64-in. x 64-in. , and they are oil on canvas. I'm still working on titles. I think the cock will come a little easier than the horse.

  • Nov 13

    Geddy Lee is my pal!

    Posted by: Otto Lange

    Okay, not my "pal" in any real sense, but I like to think that nonetheless.

    In 1982, I went to boy scout camp, and learned:

    -how to use a compass
    -row a canoe
    -tie a bunch of knots to lash together a tower made out of found wood
    -cook meat
    -roll a joint
    -smoke a joint
    - and that Rush is one of the greatest bands of all time!
    While other boys may have been drowning in the lake ( that happened) or getting molested ( that happened too), I chose to smoke pot in a tent and listen to the 1982 masterpiece Signals on a Panasonic boom-box with the "older boys".

    I still think I made the right choice. That album still kills! That driving bass in "Countdown"? So awesome!

    18-in. x 24-in.
    oil on found paper ( circa 1940)
    Available at Miller Gallery in Cincinnati, OH

  • Nov 7


    Posted by: Otto Lange

    My grandfather had a tattoo of a butterfly on his forearm. He used to tell people that he got it in the Navy "during the war", and he'd wriggle his arm and say,"look at the wings flappin'". I do remember they actually looked like the were moving, but full-on "flappin'" may have been a stretch. Oh, I have come to find out that he was not "in the Navy" and never participated in any "war".
    The tattoo was cool, though.
    Here's something I don't like. Whenever you want to embellish the fact that you might be a little hungry or point out that someone looks a little can't reference Papillion

    "Hey Papillion, eat this bag of pretzels. Lionel Hampton could knock out a tune on those ribs!"


    "Seriously, If I ate here every day, by the end of the week I'd look like Papillion!"


    Henri Charrière
    8 in. x 8 in.
    oil on found paper (circa 1865)
    available at Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH